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Charitable Partners

CBA has been a major supporter of a number of Austin Charities over the years.  In 2022, we hit the $1 million mark in contributions!!

As of 2022, CBA is proud to partner with MAINSPRING SCHOOLS and AUSTIN ANGELS. The proceeds from our Golf Tournament and our Real Estate Challenge are donated to them.   

  • 2022 - $100,000 Contributed
  • 2021 - $90,000 Contributed
  • 2020 - $80,000 Contributed from the Golf Tournament.  The Real Estate Challenge was cancelled due to Covid.
  • 2019 - $100,000 Contributed
  • 2018 - $86,000 Contributed
  • 2017 - $90,000 Contributed
  • 2016 - $77,000 Contributed


The Austin Angels mission is to walk alongside children, youth, and families in the foster care community by offering consistent support through intentional giving, relationship building, and mentorship. Austin Angels matches volunteers to families and youth on our waitlist. Volunteers commit to a full year serving a family or youth. Love Box volunteers deliver "love boxes" with items tailored to the family's needs, bring dinner, plan playdates, provide respite care, or simply spend time with a family: building relationships with the child in foster care and the other family members. This program provides both financial and emotional support to the whole family unit.
Dare to Dream mentors connect one-on-one with youth in foster care to build deeper relationships. They focus on teaching life skills, exploring possible career paths, and discussing goals and dreams and how to reach them. 


The effort to break generational cycles of poverty for a family must start early and it has been the mission of Mainspring Schools since 1941 to give Austin children and their parents the tools that they need to succeed in school and life. For children ages 0-5, Mainspring ensures a strong foundation for life through 1) high-quality early childhood education, 2) health and nutrition, and 3) comprehensive family services. 

Why is this important?

  • 66% of Texas children in low-income families do not attend preschool
  • By age 4, the average low-income child is 18 months behind their more affluent peers
  • 87% of children brought up in Austin’s low-income neighborhoods will enter kindergarten behind readiness levels
  • When children start kindergarten behind, they are likely to stay behind for the rest of their lives
  • More than 25% of low-income students will not graduate high school. Without preschool, as adults, those same students have a higher likelihood of being incarcerated and living on public assistance
  • 95% of Mainspring Schools graduates enter kindergarten at or above the state of Texas pre-K readiness levels


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